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Bible Verses for the 2016 Upward Season

January 12, 2016

At the midpoint of every Upward basketball or cheerleading practice, coaches lead a short devotion. Each devotion is focused on teaching the character of Christ through the virtues he modeled. Children will see practical examples of how Christ is relevant and a real part of their everyday lives!

This season’s devotions will cover three virtues. Each virtue is taught for three practices and will be highlighted by one verse.  Instead of hearing ten verses in a season, children will be learning and spending time on one verse for three straight weeks. The chart below shows the virtues and their corresponding verses for the 2016 season: 

Practice Virtue Bible Verse
Week 1 None - "Get to Know You Time" N/A
Weeks 2 - 4 Respect

Show proper respect for everyone. -1 Peter 2:17a (NIrV)

Weeks 5 - 7 Gratitude

Give thanks no matter what happens. God wants you to thank him because you believe in Christ Jesus. -1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIrV)

Weeks 8 - 10 Trust Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding. - Proverbs 3:5 (NIrV)