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What Are These Stars My Child is Given?!

January 05, 2016

As your child plays games during the Upward Basketball Season, he/she will be rewarded afterward with different colored stars that each means something special. Your child's actions, attitudes and words on game day will determine what star you will get.

These is a brief overview of the game day stars and this is how we explain it to our young Upward athletes:

  • The blue star represents EFFORT: What does it mean to show effort? It means working hard to trying one's best at all times.
  • The gold star represents SPORTSMANSHIP: What does it mean to show sportsmanship? It means treating the people you play with and against the same way you want to be treated. You show respect for yourself, your teammates, opponents, the referees and the coach. You play fair and follow the rules.
  • The gray star represents OFFENSE: What should you do when you play offense? The offense is responsible for scoring points. This means doing your best while trying to move the ball forward together as a team to score a basket.
  • The red star represents DEFENSE: What should you do when you play defense? The defense is responsible for preventing points from being scored. This requires staying with the player you are guarding and moving your feet to stay in good position to prevent a basket.
  • The white star represents CHRISTLIKENESS: What does it mean to be Christlike? Being Christlike means to do your best to imitate Jesus in every way – through words, attitude and actions. It means loving others and following God’s Word in the Bible; choosing God over the temptations in the world around you.
Each basketball player or cheerleader additionally receives a green star at practice for memorization of a key Bible verse!