Community Upward Sports | Facts That Are Not About Black Friday

Facts That Are Not About Black Friday

November 22, 2016

With Black Friday only a few days away - and the media's attention at full force - let's take a moment to consider some random facts that are not about Black Friday!


Fact #1: Each season, members of Community Upward Sports’ Leadership Team pick up all basketball and cheerleading uniforms in person. Upward Sports’ headquarters is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. As a tradition, our team drives 2 ½ hours and picks up the uniforms directly at the Upward distribution center. This saves money (as shipping for 200 uniforms is not cheap) and allows the savings to be used toward scholarships and other league expenses.


Fact #2: Community Upward Sports is blessed to have 100 individuals who commit to praying 100 days for the basketball and cheerleading season. These prayer partners commit to praying each day for the season to positively change lives. They begin praying the first day of practice and continue until the Year End Celebration is complete.


Fact #3: Everyone involved in Community Upward Sports is a volunteer. The league has no paid employees. Everyone from coaches to commissioners to concession stand workers are volunteers. Our amazing volunteers are the secret to our league’s success!!! If you are seeking a unique experience or want to become involved in the community - consider becoming an Upward volunteer. There are a variety of opportunities to become involved!!! (


Fact #4: According to Community Upward Sports’ End of Season Survey, Hopewell Moravian Church’s hot dogs are ‘da bomb’!  Be sure to visit their concession stand and try one. (And, yes, we actually do read the End of Season Survey responses.)


Fact #5: Any unclaimed clothing left in the lost and found at the end of the season is donated to Sunnyside Ministry. Sunnyside supports families in need of short-term emergency assistance by providing food, clothing, toiletries and other common needs.


***Bonus *** Fact #6: Courage, our league’s mascot, is 2 years old and stands 6 foot 7 inches tall. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese. In the off-season he enjoys camping, watching baseball and sleeping. His best friend is Bolt, from the Winston-Salem Dash.