Community Upward Sports | Thanks to our 2016 Sponsors

Thanks to our 2016 Sponsors

February 24, 2016

Community Upward Sports is proud to partner with Lifeway Christian Stores and Dick’s Sporting Goods during the 2016 Basketball and Cheerleading Season. We excited to partner with these local businesses; both of these companies have a strong desire and help the local community and ensuring the goals of Upward are achieved.

Lifeway Christian Stores, located at 1082 Hanes Mall Boulevard, is a leader in providing resources for churches and individuals, and their stores are a great destination point. Lifeway reinvests income above operating expenses in mission work and other ministries around the world, including that of Upward Sports. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods, located at 164 Hanes Mall Circle, has donated money and provided goods that have been used through the season. Dick’s Sporting Goods believes that sports matter! The company feels that sports play a vital role in teaching children fundamental values like a strong work ethic, teamwork and good sportsmanship. 

We are thankful for these corporate partnerships and encourage you to support these local businesses as “thank you” for the good works that are being achieved by working together.