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Become a True Fan!

February 02, 2016
Want to be a true fan for your Upward athlete, here are a couple of easy tips:
  • Support Your Athlete; Don't Live Through Them. Parents sometime attempt to live vicariously through their children and take it personal when they succeed or fail. Separate your desire, as a parent, for success away from your child’s productivity in their sport. Make sure he/she knows, win or lose, you are there as a support system.
  • Always Put the Gospel on Display...That Includes in the Stands! While in the watching the games, avoid negative comments toward anyone. Whether it be the officials, coaches, others in the stands, or the athletes themselves, always stay positive and constructive! Instead of reacting in this way, consistently act with the train of thought that EVERY situation and EVERY interaction is an opportunity to put the gospel on display so that others can see God’s love through you!
  • Cheer for the "Right" Things. Effort, teamwork, hustle, respect, skill development, and sportsmanship; these are the types of values we should all be celebrating when our athletes are competing. Too many times, we hear parents placing one individual above all others because of their stats or talents, but we need to make sure all competitors see the value in their contribution no matter their impact on the score sheet.